Greener Grass

You know the saying,”You think the grass is greener on the other side?” It most always is never greener. So I found out the hard way. When I was young I made a decision based on thinking that where I was going was better than where I was at. It turned out that is was not. I then spent years wondering how I had gotten myself into this whole mess. The term, “You make your bed, you have to lay in it!”, always came to mind. So I stayed in my situation and dealt with it.

Now that years have gone by I am no longer in the frame of mind that tells me, I can not change my own situation. I always had to the option to change my circumstances but I had to develop a pattern in my own mind that I could have and do better for myself. I allowed my then current situation to dictate my happiness. It spiraled down and totally out of control. I followed what I thought other people expected of me instead of following my own heart. I knew that the decisions I was making were not the best ones for me but I felt like I wasn’t in control of what I was doing and I could never go back and say, “I messed up and I’m sorry!” I let pride and a fear of what people would have to say, stand in the way.

The lesson I learned is to always follow my heart and first mind. If you feel strongly that you are making the wrong decision, STOP!!! Do not continue to go down that path or cross that bridge because its not until you get over to that new grass that you find out it was really poison ivy or some other toxic plant that makes you sick and began’s to tear you down physically, mentally and emotionally. And the longer you stay on the wrong path the harder it will be to come back and correct your life.

Believe me, I have been there an done that.


One thought on “Greener Grass

  1. True stament and well put. The grass always appears to be greener on the other side, becasue someone else is watering it. Love he


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