Eye Opener

I believe most if not all people are visual. Meaning they believe more of what they see than not. Even though you may know something to be true, it is not until you see it with your own eyes that it becomes all to clear.

Well this morning I had this experience. I am still in awe over what I saw. I have to keep going back and looking at the photograph that was taken this past weekend. I was 98% sure that these two individuals were related. I could see the resemblance. I even saw them in the same room together just never standing side by side. But I saw them differently in a photograph than I had ever see them before. Why is that?

I was floored when I opened up the photo on the Internet this morning. I almost fell out of my chair. Now I saw it from a different perspective. I saw it the way other people on the outside looking in saw it. When you are so close to something you tend to miss details. That is why they say to take a step back and see things from the outside. It looks a lot different when you actually do that.


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