Do you Believe In True Love?

 If you would have asked me a while back, “Do I believe in true love or soul mates,” I would have said no. Especially not  in my case, but maybe for somebody else. But now as I have experienced some things I would say, yes it is possible, not just for somebody else but for me also. I believe in the whole true love, soul mate thing now. Call me sappy but, it just is what it is. I believe everybody has a mate created just for them but not everyone gets to meet  or be with their chosen soul mate or true love. I believe this because we are able to make our own decisions and sometimes we stand in our own way. We get led astray by our own fear of rejection, fear of not knowing if it will last, and society’s judgements on how we should behave or treat people.

Sometimes we may even get the chance to meet the person, spend time with them and not realize because of immaturity, what we have. I think that if you get the opportunity to be with your true love it is a blessing and the experience of a lifetime. Hold on to it, it is not something to take for granted. From what I just experienced, this got me to thinking. What if you found your soul mate or true love, life choices got in the way, and you lost that love? Then years down the line you find them again, still have the same feelings like it never ended, and you get a second chance? Would you take it? Even if you are involved with someone else or not? Not everybody gets a second chance, but this time fate has stepped in and has given you that very opportunity.

Several more questions came to my mind once we started to travel down this road. Suddenly we both find ourselves at a fork in the road and do not know which to choose. Or is it that we are just afraid to choose, for those same fears have crept their way back in? Do you choose to follow your heart and experience the love of a lifetime? Or do you choose what you think is right because someone else is involved and you don’t want to hurt them? If you choose what you think is right, will you be happy later on down the road? Will that person still be hurt because your heart is somewhere else? Would that hurt them more? Will you regret not taking the chance  that was placed before you? Will you always wonder, what could have been?

These are questions that we wish we had the answers to ahead of time. That would make choosing so much easier. But we don’t’ have all the answers. What I’ll say is nothing happens by chance but it happens for a reason. Allow yourself to experience a love so great if it happens to you. Life life with no regret. Never having to say what if, especially if you already spent time asking that very question. Allow your heart to be happy. Trust your heart, it never lets you down. What lets you down is your mind giving in to fear, the fear of the unknown.


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